November 18, 2015

Trolling Instagram. Celebrities, they're just as boring as we are...and I love it!



Allison Williams rocked this denim button down on the cover of Harpers Bazaar! Hat's off to the stylist for making the basic denim shirt look sexy and stylish. 




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November 17, 2015

#DenimHuntinJapan Shopping the Sickest Denim Blouses and Accessories in Okinawa

boyfriend patchwork jeans, okinawa japan
SpRay Premium Shop in the AEON Mall in Okinawa Japan

I recently came home after nearly a month in Okinawa Japan for some much needed vacation time. I went on the urging of a friend and boy am I glad I listened. What an amazing place! This not so small island is halfway between Taiwan and mainland Japan with a culture that is an amalgam of its autonomous roots to it's acquisition by the Japanese and finally it's invasion by the allies during WWII. It truly is a harmonizing of cultures. I managed to post a few pictures to Instagram. Only a few though. It was a vacation after all and documenting it wasn't my biggest priority. I know that sounds backwards, but sometimes we can get so caught up in the perfect Instagram shot and forget to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings with our own two eyes -but I digress. No matter how hard I try, I can never truly tear myself away from work. Especially since work is so tied into shopping. And boy did I shop! From shopping malls to boutiques to thrift stores denim abounds in Okinawa and the best part is, it's not just in your basic jean. 


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November 13, 2015

From Work to Gym in Jeans? Yes, Please! ISKO Launches "ISKO ARQUAS" Collection and It Is Everything You Hoped It Would Be!



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It's been years, maybe a decade even, since the idea of a jean that can double as athleticwear began to surface. The two categories have somewhat parallel roots. Jeans started as workwear and over the years have become a comfort staple that can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. Athleticwear, specifically yoga pants, started as sportswear and over the years has also come to be a comfort staple that is often worn outside of it's original purpose. Logic dictates that these two very different, but lateral moving categories should meet. Logic also dictates that because they cater to a similar market and their purposes often overlap (how often have you had to choose between your jeans or yoga pants just to run a quick errand) that combining the two should be rather simple.

Unfortunately, it hasn't been. For most people the thought of wearing denim as a swimsuit or a sweatpant is intriguing, but a bit bizarre. Adding to our skepticism is the fact that most attempts to combine the two have been more of a novelty than an actual real attempt to create a new category. That's excluding the very real efforts of a few intrepid brands like Diesel and Guess. Behind those efforts are denim mill ISKO who's technology has enabled these brands to create denim that can compete in the rapidly growing athleisure category. The success of Diesel's Jogg Jean is a direct result of ISKO technology and many brands have now followed suit with their own versions creating a whole new category of jean called joggers. It only seems fitting now that the company behind the tech should expand their efforts. And they have in the biggest way possible.


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November 05, 2015

Mavi's Super Skinny Jean Gets an Update

Starred Photos306

Mavi has some interesting offers for spring. A good number of flare legs, a jacket or two and a pair of culottes add variety to a surprisingly large amount of skinny jeans. At first glance I wasn't sure if there was anything new to see. To be fair, newness can be overrated at times and there's something to be said for a good, time-tested, reliable style. That is sort of the case here except the super skinny jean does get a bit of an update with capri-lengths, cuffs and boyfriend-style distressing.

Above are my top picks for the lookbook. Scroll down and see if you can find some top picks of your own. 


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November 04, 2015

Claudia Li Spring is Clean and Chaotic!

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Clean and chaotic. Those are the words I would use to describe the unruly fringe details contained within the sculpted shapes of Claudia Li's spring collection. It makes for an interesting and surprisingly wearable contrast. The four items above are closet-friendly favorites of mine. The palazzo pants and wrap skirt especially are great statement makers when combined with crisp white shirts and simple flats


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November 02, 2015

Siwy Jeans Spring Summer 2016 Lookbook



It's the age of the bodacious booty and Siwy jeans is going to help you capitalize on all your squat workouts with their cheeky spring offerings. Expect to let it all hang out with super high-waisted booty shorts. Nothing below the panty line is left to the imagination, but then, isn't that what those grueling squat workouts were all about?

Scroll down to see the rest of Siwy spring...


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September 30, 2015

NYFW: A Pastiche of Patchwork for Spring



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September 29, 2015

The Pencil Skirt Goes Provocative

Knee Length Skirts


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September 28, 2015

These Denim Jumpers are guaranteed to elevate your look!

Frame Karen Walker Tamara Mellon Assembly New York Denim Jumpers, Spring 2016 NYFW Fashion Week Denim on the Runway

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September 25, 2015

NYFW: Denim Tops and Tunics

Denim Tops & Tunics, new york fashion week, nyfw spring summer 2016


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