July 24, 2014

Secrets Out! Warby Parker Launches the Beacon Collection

Warby Parker, Beacon Collection, sunglasses, sunnies, eyeglasses, glasses, fall 2014, petra collins
photo credit: Petra Collins


Okay, so there was like this big secret that I was in on and it was so hard to keep a secret but I did because I didn't want to be that guy, you know, that guy that can't keep a secret, but it's oh such a great secret to reveal. So here goes...

Buzzworthy eyeglass brand Warby Parker has just released a brand new series called the Beacon Collection. Surprise!!!

I got an advanced look at it last week and it's pretty amazing. The collection is inspired by all-nighters and the name is a nod to the morning star that is visible just after sunset and just before sunrise. The frames are intended to be a reflection of this and I think Warby Parker pulled it off rather nicely.

In the literal sense, the Garrett frames are meant for both prescription lenses or tinted lenses for frames that can be worn as everyday glasses or sunnies. Hell, go for transition lenses and do both I say. I mean, we are talking all-nighters here. There's nothing like being in a dark club for hours and walking out at daybreak. My eyes! My eyes! Ahh memories. But I digress.

Beyond the inspiration, there is a specific quality that I like about the collection. Each of the four styles has a just-shy-of-subtle design feature like the flat browline of the Garrett or the angled brow of the oversized Nancy that makes them perfect for those of us who want to be unique, but not outrageous. My favorite of the collection is the McKee. The round frames are fun and the two color options, clear light gray and tortoise shell, are spot on and hard to choose between. 

In the spirit of the collection, the campaign images were shot downtown Manhattan and follow two party-goers from sunset to sun-up wearing all four styles. They can be purchased on the Warby Parker online shop as of today. 

See all four styles and the campaign images after the jump...


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Bethnals Ltd Does Classic Chic with Unisex Jeans and Nails It!

Bethnals LTD, Melissa Clements, jeans, london, unisex jeans, kickstarter, core, selvedge
Fun Fact: The name Bethnals originates from the Cockney Rhyming Slang for Jeans


Crowdfunding has got to be the best thing that has happened to entrepreneurship since the world wide web and start-up brands have been taking full advantage of the promotional and financial benefits a crowdfunding strategy provides. 

London-based denim brand Bethnals Ltd is on a short list of brands on Kickstarter that have gotten my attention -specifically because they nail the whole casual but classic aesthetic. The denim painter's jacket epitomizes this and is one of my favorite pieces in their collection along with the relaxed fit selvedge jean. 

What's even more interesting is that many of their jeans are unisex. Founder Melissa Clements states matter-of-factly "why should men have to buy women’s jeans to nail the perfect skinny aesthetic? And who said women have to have a boyfriend to get just that – the ‘boyfriend’ fit?" You can't argue with logic. No wonder they've raised almost $19,000. 

For their launch they are releasing two unisex collections; 'Core' for those looking for great jeans and 'Selvedge' for traditionalists who are drawn to denim's heritage. Both collections come in skinny, straight and relaxed fits and are featured prominently on their Kickstarter page. 

What do you think about Bethnals Ltd? Are you ready for unisex jeans?




July 23, 2014

Need It! Want It! Have to Have These Maison Scotch Patchwork Jeans

When the patchwork trend came about a couple of seasons ago I loved it....but on everyone else, not me. I would describe my personal style as classic with a bit of an edge and I felt the look leaned a little too far on the edge side for my tastes.

Lately, the patchwork trend has evolved into a look that's a little more wearable and versatile. For example, this slim boyfriend by Maison Scotch keeps it simple with two large panels on the front that are slightly more bleached out then the rest of the jean. That's the edge I love in my pieces -not too much, but just enough to make a statement. 

What do you think about the Maison Scotch patchwork jean?


Christopher Griffin, President of WWDMAGIC Talks Denim

Christopher Griffin, President, WWDMAGIC and SOURCING at MAGIC - Head shot
Christopher Griffin, President, WWDMAGIC and SOURCING at MAGIC

 After writing about jeans for so many years, I must admit that I reached a point where I thought I knew anything and everything there was to know about denim. There was very little that surprised me and I felt confident in my denim-centric world, oftentimes forgetting that there were other sportswear categories like, you know, knits. Then I interviewed Christopher Griffin, President of WWDMAGIC and Sourcing at MAGIC Tradeshow, and discovered what should have been obvious -I don't know everything.

Without quite being aware of it, as I constructed these questions for Mr. Griffin, I already had his responses in mind. I assumed they would be in lock-step with what I thought I already knew. Therefore, I found myself humbled, and rightly so, when they weren't. Case in point, I always considered denim a leader in innovation when it came to eco-friendly processes, but Mr. Griffin pointed out that the adoption of things like organic cotton and vegetable dyes has been in practice long before the denim industry began its own initiatives. It goes to show, being denim-focused is great but having a more well-rounded, comprehensive view of the textile and apparel industry as a whole is better.

Read the rest of the interview below and if you're attending MAGIC, I'll see you there.



Consumers have an undying love of jeans and it’s been over a decade since denim has been considered a premium product.  Why do you think it’s still important for tradeshows like MAGIC to promote denim? 

Denim is still a staple item in every man, women, and child’s wardrobe, so we have to have a broad offering of it at MAGIC.  We actually don’t promote it separately, unless we have some brand celebrating a milestone of some sort.  As it turns out, our SOURCING AT MAGIC show has as its focus – ALL ABOUT DENIM. We’ll have denim factories from all over the world, as well as Cotton Inc*. and Jeanologia, both coming to talk about new eco-friendly denim processing techiniques.


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July 22, 2014

Jeans That Smell Like Fruit are a REAL Thing!


Fragrance Jeans, Salsa, scent, perfume, denim, jeans
Salsa's Fragrance Jeans in Lemon, Strawberry and Orange



Portuguese retailer Salsa has launched a line of jeans called Fragrance Jeans. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that with a name like that, little explanation is needed to explain the pull. As for myself, I can't figure out if this is the next big thing or innovation run amok.

Salsa claims to have created an innovative technology that embeds fruity smelling microcapsules into denim that release a specific scent over time. They don't specify how much time or how many washes it takes before the scent wears off, but they calculate that if you wash your jeans every three days (which I don't) the scent would last almost three months. If you round it out to laundering twice a week over three months, than that's roughly 24 washes. 


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July 17, 2014

Marc Newson and G-Star RAW Celebrate a Decade of Design Together

Marc Newson, Cara Delavinge, Rita Ora, G-Star, Gstar, bomber jacket, G-Star RAW x Marc Newson
Rita Ora and Cara Delavinge in the G-Star RAW x Marc Newson 'Reversible Tour Jacket' from the 10th Anniversary collection
It has been ten glorious years for G-Star RAW and industrial designer Marc Newson in their longtime, ongoing collaboration G-Star RAW x Marc Newson. That's reason to celebrate right? Well celebrate they did at London's Design Museum.
In true G-Star fashion, the celebration documented the decade-long collab by combining artwork with glass-compressed garments in custom flight cases for a museum style exhibit that displayed both the brand's and Newson's visionary approach to, well, everything.
“I think it is admirable that G-Star has the vision to embrace one industry’s ability to learn from another. They understand that design is a way of a company differentiating itself.”
                -Marc Newson  

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July 16, 2014

GUESS Goes Nashville With Gigi Hadid and Co


GUESS fall 2014, high-waisted skinny jeans, best jeans for Fall, Guess jeans, GUESS fall 2014, high-waisted skinny jeans, best jeans for Fall, Guess jeans, Gigi Hadid, Bojana Ksrmanovic, Samantha Hoopes, Yara Khmidan, Silviu Tolu, Ellen Von Unwerth, Nick Fouquet
Are these high-waisted jeans not amazing?


When I visited the Guess showroom several months ago, I was completely and utterly enamored with the western theme that was the brainchild of Creative Director Sharleen Ernster (read In the Showrooms: GUESS Fall 2014). And now, having seen the campaign images, I'm finding more reasons to love it. 

The images were shot by longtime Guess collaborator Ellen Von Unwerth who kept it authentically Nashville by shooting models Gigi Hadid (Guess who her famous parents are) and fellow Sports Illustrated model Samantha Hoopes. Along with Bojana Ksrmanovic and Yara Khmidan the quartet is photographed in various denim-centric looks as Guess Girls exploring the nighlight, music and shopping of Nashville.

Already on my wishlist are the high-waisted skinny jeans (above). High-waisted jeans are so underrated. They bring out curves in even the most androgynous shapes. They also flatten tummies, lift derriers and add length to the leg. Guess's version hits right at the skinniest part of the waist giving maximum effect to all of these coveted attributes. Need it. Want it. Now. Like, right now. 

Not to be left out, Guess Guys Silviu Tolu and Nick Fouquet do rock cowboy like a boss styled in denim and leather layers that are inspiration for both guys and gals. 

Expect to start seeing the full campaign in all your favorite fashion mags soon. In the meantime, scroll down and start putting together your fall wishlist. 


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It's Happening! WGSN and Stylesight are Merging

WGSN, Stylesight,

 There's been much speculation, rumors, announcements and lots of waiting, but the time is finally near -WGSN and Stylesight are merging. 

On August 4th, the two mega trend services will combine under the WGSN brand name. Stylesight users will navigate it easily, however, as the service will be designed around Stylesight technology.

We can expect the same services being offered centered around what WGSN Group describes as the five pillars of content which are Consumer Intelligence, Trend Forecasting, Commercial Product Development, Retail Strategy and Data Analytics. Presumably, if both services have not kept all of their content providers, they've at least kept the best of the best which will mean even more robust research and analyses in those areas. 

In a surprising and strategically brilliant move, Carla Busazi, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post UK, has joined WGSN as the Global Chief Content Officer. With the addition of Busazi, I expect that there will be a push to add more commercially palatable content augmenting the more esoteric analyses that are the hallmark of both platforms. Articles that are Feedly-friendly and shareable on social networks would be a better-late-than-never update and a more than welcome way to keep up with trends. If that's the case, I'm looking forward to the new change. 

“We are really excited to announce the launch of the new WGSN. We have listened to our customers and taken advantage of technology and innovation to deliver a truly market-changing product. The increased global reach and depth of content within the new platform elevates the value and strength of what WGSN can offer, saving our customers time, helping them collaborate more effectively and giving them even more certainty. Ultimately, it empowers their business to make better decisions and to be more competitive."

-Steve Newbold, Global Managing Director WGSN Trends

At over $85 million dollars spent and two years in the making I'm expecting great things. 




July 15, 2014

These Jeans Were Distressed by Wild Animals. No, Seriously?


Zoo Jeans, B1, T1, L1, L2
Can you guess which animal distressed which jean? Answers after the jump...



Why spend time distressing, ripping, tearing and abrading jeans when you can get wild animals to do it for you. That is not a rhetorical question and this is not a joke if you can believe it.

Japanese brand, Zoo Jeans, lives up to its name and burgeoning reputation by making their jeans from denim that has been attacked by lions, tigers and bears. Not sure if those three animals were chosen for their ferocity and ability to tear fabric, but Wizard of Oz puns never die.

The zookeepers at the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City take the animals' favorite toys like tires and balls, wrap them in denim fabric and toss them back into their pens. The animals go to town on the objects -gnawing and tearing at the covering obstructing their playthings. What's left is recovered and used to make the jeans. I can't believe this is a real thing.

In all seriousness, the jeans are an effort by the Mineko Club to raise money for the animals and were auctioned off on Yahoo Japan. All proceeds, if any, go back to the zoo and the World Wildlife Fund.

Would you wear jea...you know what? Forget I almost asked that.

Scroll down to see video of the animals "making" the jeans. 


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July 11, 2014

It's a Superga X [INSERT NAME HERE] Shoe Off! Three "It" Girls, One Shoe. Who's Collab is the Best?

SUPERGA, the man repeller, leandre medine, the blonde salad, chiara ferragni, suki waterhouse, sneakers, 2014

Superga is an "It" sneaker known for collaborating with "It" girls. Chiara Ferragni, better known as The Blonde Salad and Leandre Medine always known as The Man Repeller, are just two of fashion's biggest influencers who have capsule collections with the brand. 

Last month Superga announced that their latest collaboration will be with Spring/Summer 2014 campaign model Suki Waterhouse. Along with the announcement came photos of heart-adorned flatforms that reflect Suki's uptown bohemian, slightly saccharine, style. The flatforms come in three colorways, sugary pink, baby blue and a more serious red/navy combo that will hit stores in August of this year.

With this latest campaign comes an interesting question that I'm surprised no one has asked before. Here we have three "It" girls, from three different "It" cities, that have designed three widely different capsule collections with an "It" brand. Suki's collection may not have dropped yet, but this calls, no screams, for a "shoe off". 

Flip through the slideshow below and let us know, who do you think has the best Superga X "It" girl collab. 



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