July 28, 2014

Need It! Want It! Have to Have This Current/Elliott Denim Tee!

If a denim button-down is the cool chick that can make herself at home anywhere in any situation, than a denim t-shirt is her hip young protege'.

While the t-shirt doesn't have the versatility of the button-down, it can transform a basic look into street style bait instantly. This version by Current/Elliott is perfect for year round and is 98% cotton which means it's going to last for years and will fade beautifully. 


A Season Based on Alchemy - Amsterdams Blauw

Amsterdams Blauw, scotch & Soda, jeans, mens denim, fall 2014


Alchemy Blues, that's the theme for fall of Scotch & Soda's mens denim line Amsterdams Blauw. Alchemy as in earth, wind and fire. Seems far-fetched to create a theme around the classical elements for denim, but when I read the description it actually made sense. 

"This season we were inspired by the ancient craft of alchemy and its endless pursuit of the fabled philosopher’s stone. We looked back to the days when alchemists strived to transform base materials into precious metals and found a strong link to the Denim enthusiast and his tireless hunt for the 'Indigo Holy Grail.'”

Makes sense to me. Make sense to you?

Scroll down to see the rest of the collection.


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Brand to Watch: Waven

Waven, Jeans, t-shirts, boyfriend jeans, urban outfitters, acid wash, fall 2014


It's been a while since I've walked into an Urban Outfitters, but I think a trip may be in order. Between the Twerk Jean and this latest revelation, I think I've been missing out. Well, almost missing out -Waven is a brand new denim line that won't hit store shelves till August so I still have time.

Waven is the latest brand to became a part of the infinitely expanding denim universe. It's hard to stand out with so much competition, but I really dig the direction this brand is taking. There's a concentration on roomy fits or at least, boyfriend jeans are giving equal air time with skinnies which is a good thing. I'm ready to try anything that's not a skinny jean aren't you?

Of course it wouldn't be a denim lookbook if there wasn't a pop of something. Waven chose to go with acid wash. Love it in the skinny. Not so much in the boyfriend. 

Scroll down to see the rest of the lookbook and tell me what you think.


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July 25, 2014

Need It! Want It! Have to Have The UNIF Twerk Jean from Urban Outfitters



Ever since I saw someone last spring walking around the city in pair of jeans similar to this I've wanted a pair. I already know what you're thinking. Well, why didn't you just go ahead and make them then? But see that would require me to find a pair of old boyfriend jeans I'm ready to toss or go out and purchase a pair of suitable jeans that won't cause me to shed tears as I go to town on them with a pair of scissors. Neither was an option. And honestly, I'm just not the crafty type. I'd rather just buy my DIY you know what I mean.

If you can get past the unfortunate name, these jeans are perfect. They're available at Urban Outfitters which, much to my surprise, has a pretty decent denim selection. I've never even considered this DIY style on a mom jean and now that I've seen it, I think I like it better than what I originally envisioned. 

What do you think? Love it or Loathe it.


Kendell & Kylie Launch Fifth Collection for PacSun


Kendell Jenner, Kylie Jenner, PacSun, Kendell & Kylie PacSun, jeans, boho chic, music festival, Kardashians
Campaign images from Kendall & Kylie for PacSun


Ever have that moment when you feel like you're the last one to know? Last night, when I found out that Kendell and Kylie Jenner launched a collection for PacSun I began to realize that a good healthy dose of FOMO isn't always a bad thing. Not only do they have a collection, it's ongoing and they are in their fifth season! 

The fifth Kendall & Kylie PacSun collection dropped today and it is full of boho chic, music festival favorites like bell bottom jeans, fringe cardigans and fedoras. At first I wondered why they would launch this collection so late in the summer but then boho is very popular in LA so it's not that far-fetched to release a collection like this near back to school season. 

Save a few pieces, there is nothing in the collection over $49 and even those above that price point go no higher than another 10 bucks. With the older Jenner's burgeoning credibility as a high fashion model and streetstyle star, her sartorial approval on anything with that price tag will have her fans stocking up. 

Scroll down to see more pics of Kendell & Kylie for PacSun. What do you think? 




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Current/Elliott Channels French Girl Style With Charlotte Gainsbourg Capsule Collection

Current Elliott, Charlotte Gainsbourg, jeans, shop, french girl style
Charlotte Gainsbourg modeling her capsule collection for Current/Elliott


It's been a while since I've heard any exciting news about Current/Elliott. At one point the only time I read about the two founders Emily and Meritt was when they were doing style features on WhoWhatWear. I'm not implying that a brand always has to be creating buzz, but a few years ago you couldn't browse a fashion magazine or website without reading about them. 

When I heard that Current/Elliot was launching a capsule collection with French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg my first reaction was to run to their website to see if it was still up. Much to my surprise, not only does it still exist, it was full of sartorial goodies. Clearly I've been out of the loop and certainly they have been on their game because "dressing like a French girl" has been the title of more than one fashion blog. 

Charlotte's simplisticly raw but chic style is most certainly French and her collection is a mirror image of her personal tastes. Gray slim-straight jeans and leather hot pants are bottomweight standouts while tops are mostly oversized shirts and shrunken jackets. 

What I find interesting is that if you dissect the collection into two separate trends, the first would be rock girl chic and consists of leather jackets, hot pants and gray jeans. The second trend would be 90's Gap girl with striped sweaters, oversized tees and button-downs. Both trends combined create a collection that is just shy of androgynous with a hint, just a whiff, of sex appeal.

Current/Elliott is no stranger to high end designer collaborations having partnered with Mary Katrantzou and Diane von Furstenberg in the past. This latest partnership, however, will be the first with a celebrity.

To obtain Ms Gainsbourg's now imitable style you'll have to shell out $128 for a t-shirt on the low end and $2,268 for a leather trench coat on the higher end, but I'm sure her fans won't mind the steep price.

Scroll down to see the rest of the collection. What do you think? Would you wear it? 



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July 24, 2014

First Look: Aerie Holiday 2014

Aerie for American Eagle, lingerie, bras, panties, underwear, holiday 2014, sportswear, pajamas, shorts, knits
Speaking of Christmas trees in July, here it is! (see First Look: American Eagle Holiday 2014).



Aerie for American Eagle continues to offer cute lingerie and sleepwear in fun colors and prints. For Holiday, bras and panties are packed inside of clear Christmas ornaments. Very, very cute. Imagine having that hanging from the tree at Christmas time. Guaranteed good times. 

And I have two words for you, "Cable-knit Shorts"...or is that three words. Either way, Aerie has them and though I have no clue how or where one would wear them, they are so cute that if I were you, I'd buy them and figure it out later. Ridiculous I know. But who said shopping is supposed to make sense. 

See the rest of Aerie Holiday 2014 after the jump...


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First Look: American Eagle Holiday 2014

American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie, Holiday 2014, jeans, winter, puffer jackets, puffy jackets, ripped jeans, onesies, best jeans for winter


It was festive in the American Eagle showroom yesterday where Holiday 2014 was on display. Have you ever seen a Christmas tree in July? It's an unusual experience to say the least, but fitting with the winter wonderland spirit of the collection.

Nordic patterns, always a staple during the holidays (and ski season), could be found on the most comfy looking onesies. Yes onesies! American Eagle's non-jean take on the winter onesie is very reminiscent of pajamas (actually they probably were pajamas), but I'd totally wear them outside -especially the one with the photorealistic all-over print. That particular one looked snuggly enough to never take off. Nordic patterns could also be found on chunky sweaters and cardigans. The chunky knit pullover cape (I don't know what else to call it) was an attention-grabber and for sure is at the top of my winter wishlist when it hits retail.


An interesting addition was the puffer theme which showed up in an unusual item. There were puffer jackets, lots and lots of puffer jackets, but American Eagle went an extra step and made puffer boots and slippers. They're not the prettiest things to look at, but I would bet dollars to donuts that they are amazingly comfortable. Get this though, they're only for men. Weird. Oh well.

Jeans were ripped and wrinkled and there were plenty of slim sweatpants thrown in as well. In a nod to both, a pair of camouflage trousers with a drawstring waist and elastic ankles was a standout piece and I was surprised they had it tucked on a rack in the corner. 

Holiday 2014 doesn't hit stores until October so nows the time to take a look and start getting your wishlist together.

Preview the rest of the collection after the jump.


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Secrets Out! Warby Parker Launches the Beacon Collection

Warby Parker, Beacon Collection, sunglasses, sunnies, eyeglasses, glasses, fall 2014, petra collins
photo credit: Petra Collins


Okay, so there was like this big secret that I was in on and it was so hard to keep a secret but I did because I didn't want to be that guy, you know, that guy that can't keep a secret, but it's oh such a great secret to reveal. So here goes...

Buzzworthy eyeglass brand Warby Parker has just released a brand new series called the Beacon Collection. Surprise!!!

I got an advanced look at it last week and it's pretty amazing. The collection is inspired by all-nighters and the name is a nod to the morning star that is visible just after sunset and just before sunrise. The frames are intended to be a reflection of this and I think Warby Parker pulled it off rather nicely.

In the literal sense, the Garrett frames are meant for both prescription lenses or tinted lenses for frames that can be worn as everyday glasses or sunnies. Hell, go for transition lenses and do both I say. I mean, we are talking all-nighters here. There's nothing like being in a dark club for hours and walking out at daybreak. My eyes! My eyes! Ahh memories. But I digress.

Beyond the inspiration, there is a specific quality that I like about the collection. Each of the four styles has a just-shy-of-subtle design feature like the flat browline of the Garrett or the angled brow of the oversized Nancy that makes them perfect for those of us who want to be unique, but not outrageous. My favorite of the collection is the McKee. The round frames are fun and the two color options, clear light gray and tortoise shell, are spot on and hard to choose between. 

In the spirit of the collection, the campaign images were shot downtown Manhattan and follow two party-goers from sunset to sun-up wearing all four styles. They can be purchased on the Warby Parker online shop as of today. 

See all four styles and the campaign images after the jump...


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Bethnals Ltd Does Classic Chic with Unisex Jeans and Nails It!

Bethnals LTD, Melissa Clements, jeans, london, unisex jeans, kickstarter, core, selvedge
Fun Fact: The name Bethnals originates from the Cockney Rhyming Slang for Jeans


Crowdfunding has got to be the best thing that has happened to entrepreneurship since the world wide web and start-up brands have been taking full advantage of the promotional and financial benefits a crowdfunding strategy provides. 

London-based denim brand Bethnals Ltd is on a short list of brands on Kickstarter that have gotten my attention -specifically because they nail the whole casual but classic aesthetic. The denim painter's jacket epitomizes this and is one of my favorite pieces in their collection along with the relaxed fit selvedge jean. 

What's even more interesting is that many of their jeans are unisex. Founder Melissa Clements states matter-of-factly "why should men have to buy women’s jeans to nail the perfect skinny aesthetic? And who said women have to have a boyfriend to get just that – the ‘boyfriend’ fit?" You can't argue with logic. No wonder they've raised almost $19,000. 

For their launch they are releasing two unisex collections; 'Core' for those looking for great jeans and 'Selvedge' for traditionalists who are drawn to denim's heritage. Both collections come in skinny, straight and relaxed fits and are featured prominently on their Kickstarter page. 

What do you think about Bethnals Ltd? Are you ready for unisex jeans?




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