November 24, 2014

Can You Create Sound with Denim?

Candiani denim symphonie
The Candiani Denim Symphonie Loom on Stage 

Can color produce sound? Can we communicate through smell? If a tree falls in the forest etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Philosophers and scientists have been trying to answer those questions for generations, but it took a denim manufacturer to create sound with jeans...sort of.

Albert Candiani of Candiani Denim Mills is also a music producer and artist. With his metaphysically titled band Army of the Universe, Candiani began an electro-textile-sound project called The Candiani Denim Symphonie which combines the denim manufacturing process with the creation of music. To bring it down to earth a bit, the band composes music around the sound of a shuttle loom weaving denim. Not a pre-recorded sound either, but a real live loom which they bring to their performances. Talk about authenticity!

I'm going to disconnect from you at this moment as words cannot convey what the eyes must see. That was my attempt at being philosophical. Translation: click on the picture above to see the performance. 



November 19, 2014

Guess Who Made Levi's Top 10 list of Must-Follow Twitter Accounts?


Yours truly of course! It's such an honor to be included on a list compiled by Levi's who undoubtedly is the trailblazer of the blue jean. Although I don't often cover my own personal style, it's rare for me to be seen in anything other than jeans and I truly love talking about fashion from a denim point of view. As 2014 winds to a close, just know that 2015 is going to be explosive as we work hard on the back end to bring you an updated format and more content that you're going to love. In the meantime, keep loving fashion and living in your jeans! 


November 17, 2014

Switch it Up a Bit with these J Brand Gothic Boyfriend Jeans


With the boyfriend jean becoming more of a mainstay, I think it's time to switch it up a bit, don't you? This lightly washed black version from J Brand is the perfect transitional look for those looking to step up their denim game and it's surprisingly easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

Scroll down to see more pics and where to get them.


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November 13, 2014

You'll Be Looking For These Jeans in the Future


ISKO Spring 2015 scratch jean new denim
The "Scratch Jean" by ISKO as part of their Spring 2015 denim innovations display at the Gansevoort Penthouse


Many of you have probably never heard of ISKO, but if you have more than a few jeans in your closet you're probably wearing their denim. 

ISKO's mills supply the denim for many top brands like GUESS, Hudson and 3x1, but they most famously are the suppliers of the denim used in Diesel's Jogg Jean collection. That soft knit-like jean that has created a whole new category and plenty of copy cats is the proprietary technology of ISKO. If you look inside the of the Jogg Jean you will see the ISKO logo printed prominently alongside Diesel's own. 



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November 10, 2014

NYDJ Moving into Athleisure for Spring

NYDJ, jeans, sportswear, athleisure
NYDJ's Spring 2015 collection displayed in the penthouse of the London Hotel 


While some choose sides in the denim vs yoga pants debate NYDJ is trying to bring us the best of both worlds as it expands it's offerings beyond shapewear jeans. 

For Spring, trendworthy athleisurewear could be found alongside their usual offerings in a small but tight collection. Standout pieces were neoprene tops, leggings and boxy cardigans in colorways that ranged from minimalist grays and blacks to cheery floral prints. 

Also new was the introduction of their patented tummy-tucking paneling incorporated into tops in the form of an attached undershirt. And they continue to introduce more dresses and workwear into their line which also includes the same technology. 

After I left The London Hotel where the preview was held, I began to wonder why I spend so much time working out. If I stocked my closet with head to toe NYDJ I could save myself some torture. 


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November 05, 2014

Inside GUESS Spring 2015

GUESS, jeans, spring 2015
GUESS's Spring 2015 collection on display in their NYC showroom


GUESS has gone for clear themes this year when presenting their collections and to great effect. This season's theme was inspired by traditional Japan and was in stark contrast to last season's boho city cowgirl theme where saddles, lassos and cowboy boots (see In the Showrooms: GUESS Fall 2014) provided the mood. 

The pink parasols, cherry blossoms and pale but vivid candy-colored props that were sprinkled throughout the showroom created a sense of serenity that drew attention to the return of floral prints on shoes and jeans. It also softened GUESS's edgier offerings like boilersuits and frayed denim vests and skirts.

The "denim" bikini with hotpants will be a festival favorite and the brightly colored crossbody bags will be a hit when the weather gets warmer. 

Scroll down to see what else will be hitting stores for Spring...



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November 04, 2014

Sneak a Peek Inside American Eagle's Spring 2015 Collection

American Eagle, American Eagle Outfitters, denim, jeans, spring 2015
American Eagle's Spring 2015 collection on display in their New York City showroom

Market month is in full swing, but I finally have a lull in the rush to and from showrooms to update you on everything I've seen, starting with American Eagle.

Spring 2015 is definitely going to be one of American Eagle's most popular seasons. The retailer offers the usual denim streetwear and music festival gear, but new to the lineup are the Navajo print blanket coats for women. If the idea of buying anything other than the basics from the retailer doesn't appeal to you, I assure you that American Eagle's version of the popular trend will fit easily next to it's more luxurious counterparts.

Men can look forward to the return of baja pullovers in traditional styles and updated prints. Bajas are throwbacks to the late '80's and are more than due for a comeback, but even though American Eagle markets the baja for men, the style is traditionally unisex and would go great with denim cut-offs and boots. Particularly during festival season.

Rounding out Spring were plenty of shredded jeans, jean jackets and quilted denim bombers as well as a plethora of hats, shoes and accessories that will have mass appeal when the season comes around. 

Scroll down to see the rest of American Eagle Spring...


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October 30, 2014

Can You Guess Who Inspired These Looks? #Cotton24hours

Alexa Chung, Olivia Polermo, 7 for all mankind, chelsea boots, booties, Michael Kors, slip ons, Piperlime, Loeffler Randall
Can you guess who my style inspiration was for these two looks? #Cotton24hours

Cotton Incorporated's annual 24 Hour Runway show, in partnership with People Magazine, is just around the corner. With 1440 looks, countless brands and a model a minute coming down a runway live in the middle of Miami, it is a monumental undertaking. Truly epic.

In honor of this fashion marathon, Cotton Inc. enlisted the aid of style influencers to document 24 moments in a person's life. I chose "Back to School" because although my school days are long gone, the excuse to indulge in guilt-free binge shopping remains. What's also great about this season is that the September issues drop around the same time and there is plenty of style inspo to draw from...and I did.

Two incredibly stylish "it" girls were the inspiration behind these looks (above). Both have very different styles but are equally influential. One even had a bag named after her. A very expensive bag. Can you guess who they are? If you're stumped, don't fret, the answers, as well as purchase info can be found at Even if you do guess, visit anyway and see some of my other favorite celebrity style inspo from this season. 



October 29, 2014


October 21, 2014

When Did CAT Get So Cool!

Cat Footwear, Work Boots, Construction Boots, Colorado Boot
Cat Footwear


CAT as in Caterpiller as in the construction equipment has been on an epic rebranding mission that kicked off last spring with a runway show in Brooklyn Navy Yard featuring their workwear-inspired street shoes (see CAT Footwear's Night of Booze and Shoes). 

This week CAT took it to the people with the opening of a pop-up store in 47th and Lex that hailed the return of the brand's original Colorado boot available for the first time in the US since the 1990's. And what's a launch without the requisite street artist to add to the "it" factor. In CAT's case the "it" factor was multiplied by five as artists Ivan Orama, James Gulliver Hancock, Liz Lomax, Amanda Dolan, and Misha Tyutyunik unveiled their reinterpretations of the Colorado boot in an exhibition aptly title "Colorado Couture".  

The pop-up shop will be open the entire month of October and will feature 3 limited-edition styles never before available in the US. If Cara Delevinge, Beyonce and Rihanna are any indication, workwear boots are set to make a huge comeback so you might want to hop on over there before the month ends. 
Scroll down to see the rest of the collection and images from the launch.

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