December 17, 2014

This Jacket Has Hits ALL the Spring Trends

Aries distressed denim jacket 396 matches fashion
Aries Denim Jacket - $396 available at


This denim jacket from Aries is such a find and may signal the beginning of the classic denim jacket evolving from a wardrobe staple to a full-fledged sartorial statement. The chopped off wrists, neck and torso are definitely conversation starters, but the roomy shape and faded wash are not so out there that you can't incorporate it into your wardrobe. The idea is very similar to the chopped off hems on skinny jeans that was popular this year in showrooms and seen on some popular bloggers like The Blonde Salad. Look for both items to be a popular trend this Spring.  

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December 15, 2014

Need Easy Breezy Custom Nail Wraps? There's an App for That!


Nailsnaps, denimhunt, itunes, app store
I call this design "Shameless Plug" (via Nailsnaps)


I would like to share a little known fact about myself -I'm an app junkie. I spend more time surfing the app stores on iTunes and Chrome than I do surfing the web. Why? Because it's amazing to see what developers are coming up with and also because I often find gems like Nailsnaps. I stumbled across Nailsnaps yesterday while looking for a new email managerment app (go figure) and it is an anayyyzing idea. 


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December 11, 2014

Talking Jeans vs Yoga Pants with The Robin Report

Cotton Inc Robin Report, jeans and yoga pants, shanna mckinon, denimhunt
Source: Lifestyle Monitor

A few months ago I was interviewed by Emily Thompson for The Robin Report, an industry publication for CEOs that covers all the goings on behind the scenes in fashion, textiles and beauty. Specifically, Emily wanted to know my thoughts regarding the hype surrounding the idea that denim is dead

Here are just a few of my quotes from the article:


“I think part of what’s challenging to denim brands right now is the ‘premiumization’ of yoga pants and the luxury ath-leisure sector essentially following denim’s own model for success,”


"...can yoga pants, even nice ones, really be as versatile as denim? I’m not so sure.”


“The stretch situation [in jeans] is out of control,”


“I think denim brands that stick to their heritage and give consumers well-made, well designed jeans that launder well and last will do exactly that – last,”


Although I have a clear bias towards denim, I was very candid in my criticisms of the industry and I say a lot more in the article. I don't want to give too much away because the article is worth reading so you have to check it out on in full on The Robin Report. The takeaway from it is, if you're going to spend over a $100 on jeans, check the label so the quality matches the price.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

December 09, 2014

Ashlee Simpson-Ross Proves Denim on Denim Will Never Die

Ashlee Simpson-Ross, Evan Ross, denim on denim, DL1961 jeans
Ashlee Simpson-Ross at the DL1961 Digital Showroom


I'm not being facetious in the slightest.

While paying a visit to the DL1961 Digital Showroom at Venice Beach, Ashlee Simpson wore head to toe DL1961. And if none of us knew any better we'd never know she was wearing denim on denim. As a matter of fact, pairing a pair of coated jeans (or colored jeans or printed jeans) with a denim top is a pretty standard outfit to for easy breezy chic.

Ashlee's snakeskin pumps and statement chain punctuate the look and show that our girl is still a trendsetter when it comes to fashion. Bonus points for picking a pair of DL1961 jeans that are in Pantone's Color of the Year for 2015

Scroll down to see more pics of Ashlee Simpson with her best accessory of all...her hubby.



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December 03, 2014

Alexander Wang's New Denim Campaign is Totally NSFW!


Alexander Wang is back in the denim game and he's making sure we all take notice! In what is probably the most provocative campaign for a pair of jeans ever, photographer Steven Klein shot an oiled up Anna Ewer in several poses that suggests she likes a lot of alone time if you know what I mean.  The above photo was the most SFW I could find with one image featuring just her crotch and her hand, oh yeah, and the jeans. 

By comparison the images from the lookbook are pretty tame and show three on trend styles -a slim high rise, a men's jean for women and a roomier tapered style that's not quite a boyfriend jean. Although I haven't tried them yet I already know my favorite part of this collection will not be the styles, but the lack of stretch. According to WWD, A Wang considers himself a denim snob and each style contains no more than 2% stretch with one style having no stretch at all. Hooray! It's time to go back to basics and covet true cotton denim. Stretch is great but only when used sparingly as it can erode the quality if not done right, but I digress.

The collection launched this week and hits Wangs online store on Dec. 8th with prices peaking at $295.

Oh, and as for A. Wang's thoughts on the campaign, "Once you see it you can't stop thinking about it". If that was your mission Mr. Wang than I say Mission Accomplished. 



December 01, 2014

Levi's Creates a Field of Jeans out of the 49ers Football Field

Levis Stadium Field of Jeans
Levi's Stadium - Home of the San Francisco 49ers

Two weeks, 18,850 pairs of jeans and 1 football stadium -those were the components used to create Levi's "Field of Jeans" at the Levi's Stadium in San Francisco. 

The project was a joint venture between Levi's and Goodwill in an effort to raise awareness for recycling and keeping used clothing out of landfills. This effort alone kept 12 tons of textiles out of landfills which reduced CO2 emissions by 175,000 pounds. According to Levi's, that's the equivalent of driving roundtrip cross country from NY to San Francisco 36 times. Crazy. 

Read more about the effort at Levi Strauss Unzipped.

November 24, 2014

Can You Create Sound with Denim?

Candiani denim symphonie
The Candiani Denim Symphonie Loom on Stage 

Can color produce sound? Can we communicate through smell? If a tree falls in the forest etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Philosophers and scientists have been trying to answer those questions for generations, but it took a denim manufacturer to create sound with jeans...sort of.

Albert Candiani of Candiani Denim Mills is also a music producer and artist. With his metaphysically titled band Army of the Universe, Candiani began an electro-textile-sound project called The Candiani Denim Symphonie which combines the denim manufacturing process with the creation of music. To bring it down to earth a bit, the band composes music around the sound of a shuttle loom weaving denim. Not a pre-recorded sound either, but a real live loom which they bring to their performances. Talk about authenticity!

I'm going to disconnect from you at this moment as words cannot convey what the eyes must see. That was my attempt at being philosophical. Translation: click on the picture above to see the performance. 



November 19, 2014

Guess Who Made Levi's Top 10 list of Must-Follow Twitter Accounts?


Yours truly of course! It's such an honor to be included on a list compiled by Levi's who undoubtedly is the trailblazer of the blue jean. Although I don't often cover my own personal style, it's rare for me to be seen in anything other than jeans and I truly love talking about fashion from a denim point of view. As 2014 winds to a close, just know that 2015 is going to be explosive as we work hard on the back end to bring you an updated format and more content that you're going to love. In the meantime, keep loving fashion and living in your jeans! 


November 17, 2014

Switch it Up a Bit with these J Brand Gothic Boyfriend Jeans


With the boyfriend jean becoming more of a mainstay, I think it's time to switch it up a bit, don't you? This lightly washed black version from J Brand is the perfect transitional look for those looking to step up their denim game and it's surprisingly easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe.

Scroll down to see more pics and where to get them.


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November 13, 2014

You'll Be Looking For These Jeans in the Future


ISKO Spring 2015 scratch jean new denim
The "Scratch Jean" by ISKO as part of their Spring 2015 denim innovations display at the Gansevoort Penthouse


Many of you have probably never heard of ISKO, but if you have more than a few jeans in your closet you're probably wearing their denim. 

ISKO's mills supply the denim for many top brands like GUESS, Hudson and 3x1, but they most famously are the suppliers of the denim used in Diesel's Jogg Jean collection. That soft knit-like jean that has created a whole new category and plenty of copy cats is the proprietary technology of ISKO. If you look inside the of the Jogg Jean you will see the ISKO logo printed prominently alongside Diesel's own. 



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