Following Prada’s lead, Levi’s announced today they will be launching a mobile phone. While the phone is not covered in denim, it is housed in a riveted stainless steel case with a detachable chain to clip the phone to jeans and bags. Levi’s latest addition to their accessories line will be available in metallic silver, black and brown copper to coordinate with their famous rivets. For the girls, or high-maintanence dudes, the phone will be available in shiny silver and shiny sand colorways and will feature a mirror screen.

The phone will be licensed by Paris-based ModeLabs Group and available only in Europe starting in September. It has yet to be announced if it will follow the lead of LG’s Chocolate and skip the pond to the US at later dates. While we’re huge Levi’s fans, especially their slouch skinnies, is a European cell-phone really on target with their American heritage and brand-identity? Look for an update in September to see if we have jumped on board or jumped ship.

What do you think? Will you be coordinating your phone to your jeans or is Levi’s