22Mena Suvari, Jennifer Coolidge, Emilio Estavez, and Evan Ferrante lend their film expertise to a new venture. Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance, ck IN2U hosted a film competition encouraging site visitors to express what makes them laugh, cry, and everything inbetween. whatareyouin2.com announced today that Kyle Connolly of Ontario, Canada won the $10,000 prize with his boy meets girl film, 2@2.

Check out what Mena, Jennifer, Emilio, and Evan, and all the online voters think is the best film out there, 2@2.

We love Calvin’s ability to reach out to the youth of today no matter the year. In fact, we still have a soft spot for the controversial ads in the days of our grunge-filled youth when Kate Moss was heroin chic rather than cocaine chic.

Is Calvin Klein living David Wooderson’s moto in the ’93 hit, Dazed & Confused?

"I get older, but they stay the same age."  We think yes.