EswallDenim industry heavy-hitter, Earnest Sewn, has quickly risen to be one of the industry’s most celebrated and respected brands. With fans such as Courtney Cox-Arquette, Shooter Jennings, and Lenny Kravitz, Earnest Sewn works as well for the woman on the go as it does for world-renowned musicians. President and designer, Scott Morrison, took a moment to share with us some of his denim insight.

1. What was your first pair of jeans?
My first pair that I can remember buying were Levi’s of course, but the first pair that actually made me think differently about denim were a pair of Replay 914’s.  They were in a limited edition Japanese denim, they felt different than anything I’d ever worn.

2. Who do you think is the ultimate denim icon?
I can’t think of any one person, but there are a few that have made some amazing strides: Adriano Goldshmeid, Renzo Rosso, and of course Loeb ‘Levi’ Strauss all come to mind.

Scottheadshot 3. What are your current favorite jeans?
Without a doubt the Earnest Sewn ‘Hutch.89′ fit is my all time favorite jean.  It’s in one of my favorite greencaste Japanese denims, and the fit is exactly what a durable bootcut should fit like.  It’s one of those jeans’ that is truly timeless and only gets better the more you wear it.

4. What denim trend do you wish would go away?
Thankfully we avoid being too much of a ‘trend’ driven brand since we’re commited to the classic 5 pocket aesthetic.  Our passion is authenticity and integrity, so the trends in denim I find most offensive is contrived washes, cheesy embellishments, and just about anyone who doesn’t know a thing about making blue jeans giving it a shot because it’s ‘hot’ right now. 

5. What’s your number one rule for denim?
If you can avoid it, limit the number of denim washings.  Personally, I’m a "never ever wash your jeans" type of guy.  I believe in letting your denim wear in and age as it will.  The great thing about denim is the more you wear them in the better they get.  If things get really unsanitary, I either spray them with Fabreeze or hand wash them and line dry them by hanging them from Earnest Sewn’s signature locker loop on the center back waistband.

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