Levivspolo Levi Strauss & Co. allege Polo Ralph Lauren is stealing their stitches. We have not seen the pockets in question and neither has the RL team of attorneys as told to WWD in Monday’s edition. While we love both teams, it brings up a bigger issue–how similar is too similar?

With Polo being such a large signature brand of its own, we doubt they would intentionally copy a competitor rather than using their own John Henry. However, Levi’s, being synonymous with American denim, has become a category in addition to a brand name. Think Kleenex and Band-Aid.

Numerous mass retailers have emulated the signature stitches of premium denim bigwigs such as Seven and True Religion. But when does your signature lose it signature? Is Levi’s vs. Polo the Metallica vs. Napster? (yes, we’re still on our 90s kick) Just as many record labels looked to Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield to lead the way, do you think numerous other brands will follow "suit" with Levi’s?