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In the mind of Carrie Bradshaw (I know, we’re not really SATC kinda kids,) NY is full of "modelizers." Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not so easy to bounce from date to date, let alone model to model.

That’s where Diesel comes to the rescue. From now until August 26, Diesel has 19 models for your viewing pleasure online and in-stores. Each model represents a new style of jean available from the denim giant in their Winter ’07 collection. Wait! It gets better. From Diesel.com you can even email each of the models, and as part of their contract, they MUST respond. We call dibs on Thanaz and we’ll be wearing the same jeans as Clush. Isn’t it more fun to link your friends to the dating profile of a Diesel model rather than a lawyer, doctor, real estate salesman, etc. found on all the other online dating services? 

Get to it before your bragging rights expire!