Oncollage As we posted before, we’re more than excited about Old Navy’s latest denim expansion. We thought our favorite part of the transformation was their new trouser jeans and colored denim range. That was until we were lucky enough to grab a few minutes with Vipada Wongpatanasin, the brand’s senior women’s denim designer. With our mutual love of Balenciaga darling, Charlotte Gainsbourg (shown below at right) and the facelift she’s given the mass chain, we want to be Vipada’s new best friend.

Check out the Old Navy edition of Five Questions for Five Pockets below:

1. What was your first pair of jeans?
Vintage Wrangler, the most beautiful broken twill denim ever. 

2. Who do you think is the ultimate denim icon?Cgjeans_2
No one in particular. I would say it’s more about the iconic images for example, Marlon Brando in the wild one, Marilyn Monroe in her curve hugging peddle pusher, Jane Birkin in her hi-rise bell. They all embodied their own unique denim icon. I guess Charlotte Gainsbourg is a great example for the modern day icon because she is so effortless in her denim. Ultimate denim icon to me is more about the wearers than the makers. So anyone of us in some way is the ultimate denim icon. 

3. What are your current favorite jeans?
Levi’s vintage 646 orange tab.

4. What denim trend do you wish would go away?
In your face embellished denim and hip hop denim.

5. What’s your number one rule for denim?
Wear it like you mean it and love it to end.