Rubinchapelle_2Last week we had the privilege of meeting Sonja Rubin, one half of the design team for 192 Doves and Rubin Chapelle. We always have fun meeting the fingers behind the design, but this was the most enjoyable designer visit we’ve ever had; partly in thanks to the champagne, but even more so due to the down-to-earth, passionate personalities behind the brand.

192 Doves launched last year as a stand-alone denim collection to the gorgeously minimal, Rubin Chapelle line created by FIT alumni Sonja Rubin and Kip Chapelle. Drawing its name from the number of countries in the world (as of 2006,) and the global symbol for peace, the dove, 192 Doves illustrates how universal denim truly is.

Following Sonja and Kip’s philosophy that denim is a very inclusive fashion outlet, we love the fact that daughters and mothers, sons and fathers are all fans of the line. Even more lovely is the lack of unneeded embellishment on each pair of jeans.

"Every detail should serve a purpose or come from a tradition," notes Sonja as she took us from waistband to hem on each pair of jeans in the new collection. Men’s tailoring is immediately referenced with pull-up loops at each hip and bandanna print pockets. Depending on the style, there are detachable pockets, hidden coin pockets, and flattering off-pocket seams. Additionally, each seam is handled with couture-like triple stitching leaving the inside of the garment as beautiful as the outside. As if it couldn’t get any better, each pair is crafted in the United States using the highest quality organic denim, and stamped with a discreet logo at the waist.

The lack of obtrusive branding, complicated washes, and finishes, bring denim back to where it should be. Simple and approachable.

For more information: 192 Doves