MademeErin Magee is our new hero. Her new line, MadeMe, hit shelves earlier this month, and we can’t get enough. She perfectly translates men’s streetwear into sexy womenswear. No, not the short-skirt, low-neck kind of sexy. The slouchy jeans, Hanes wife-beater kind of sexy. Of course, it’s no surprise Magee is able to easily transform our favorite skaterkid’s style into our own–she’s the production manager for Supreme and previously managed the amazing Kim Jones/Umbro collab.

Obviously our favorite elements are her jeans. The Up-hi and the Down-lo. The Up-hi is made of light denim with a wider leg and contoured waist and hips while the Down-lo has an exaggerated waistband and deepened yoke for that perfect "I stole these off my boyfriend’s floor" style. Additionally, take a peek at her super soft t-shirts and our dream item, the leather bomber.

Want more? Check out MadeMe on KarmaLoop or at one of our favorite boutiques, Valley on the LES