InternetWe get a lot of questions about how we find out the latest and greatest in the denim industry. There are a couple of answers.

1. We know everyone! (Well, just about.) There are so many amazing people in the denim industry who have been large supporters of the site and without them we wouldn’t have nearly as many story ideas.

2. The network of amazing trendspotting sites which is what this post is all about! Find a few of our favorites below and feel free to drop us a note with where you find inspiration online.

High Snobiety

We wish we were as cool as the kids on this site. If limited-edition Gor-tex Nike SBs are your thing, you’ll be perfectly at home. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of Japanese denim.

Cool Hunting

The online meca of cool. With posts ranging from the latest performance art in China to the latest organic foods to hit shelves, this site runs the gamut. As far as denim is concerned, look for all the big Euro players such as Diesel and APC.

NotCot and NotCouture

Both of these sites are part of the NotCot empire. The main site is a landing page for all the sites in the network such as NotCouture and Tastespotting. NotCouture is our favorite jump off with posts ranging from gold leafed quail egg necklaces to classic peacoats. Be sure not to miss their sporadic giveaways from brands like Kasil.