Last week, Women’s Wear Daily featured a spectacular Denim In Depth special section. Among the business studies of the market , they featured some insights into trend direction for the season. We’ve pulled our favorites of the few and here is what we think is the most directional for premium denim brands.
First, we have Acid Test, highlighting brands from Gsus and Kill City to Vanilla Star and Denim of Virtue. Mostly cotton and spandex, this trend hits on the craze of ice wash denim of the 1980s. Once thought to be ultra-tacky, the sophisticated silhouettes and color choices (turquoise and red from Vanilla Star!) have revived this eyesore to be one of the most exciting returns.


Next up, is The Electric Company. There is a never-ending rainbow of color choices in denim right now. The key to navigating through them to make the right choice for your own style is to be bold. The most vivid selections from Blue Blood, Habitual, 4 Strokes and Jae’s D, are the most fun – and fashion should always be fun, especially in the summer! If the bright colors intimidate you, play easy and pair them with a plain white tank and simple sandals. These new colors are great alternatives to the regular indigo and faded blues crowding our closets.


Another way to create something fresh with the more traditional black and blues of denim is finishes. Many advanced coatings are being added to darker denims to create contrast through mixing the texture of the fabric with slick finishes. With this technique, you can gain something new without going out to the deep end of trends.
The Proportion of Blu offers a lightly coated faded blue, while Goldsign and Anlo apply this idea to dark grey and black denim. Goldspun has a heavier finish with added hardware on the backside for a unique design and Pepe takes it a step further mixing a black print under the clear resin finish.