We love anything DIY. What better way to march to the beat of your own drummer. Leave it to Ksubi to come up with something that allows us to channel our inner denim designer.

This is what you need:
-two pairs of jeans, one white, one black in similar styles
-white and primary color oil-based paint with a palette to mix
-flat, wide paintbrush
-x-acto knife
-needle and strong black thread

Step 1:
With the x-acto knife, cut both pairs of jeans along the side seams so that they are split into a front half and back half.

Step 2:
Mix the white and primary colors on the palette and use the brush to paint the desired look on the front half of the white jeans.

Step 3:
After they have dried, using the needle and thread, sew the painted front half to the black back half.


Tada! Custom jeans all your own. The best thing about this trick is that not only do you have a completely new, one-of-kind pair of jeans, but you can also make another pair of completely new, one-of-a-kind jeans with the leftover halves! I love it!


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