Every so often a trend is accurately predicted by designers, but released too early. Because of the poor timing it’s doomed to obscurity with the hopes that it will be revived at the right time, fresh, new and ready to make a splash. With that said, remember the ‘boyfriend’ jean? That’s what we thought. Unfortunately, it was introduced around the same time as the skinny jean and we know which one won out. However, now that the skinny jean has become so ubiquitous we think the boyfriend jean is a slick alternative. The models above show the flexibility of this look, although we think the tassled boots are a stretch. To the left are a pair of aged and faded Current/Elliott jeans and those to the right are designed by Yohji Yamamoto made with Japanese, selvedge denim. Victoria Beckham, ever the fashion plate, at least in her own mind, was seen back in June wearing a pair and we love it!

UPDATE: Victoria Beckham is wearing a pair of Prps boyfriend Jeans.



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