When fashion meets function everybody wins, but much to our chagrin there are few success stories. That’s why we love award-winning designer Alexander Wang . Featured in the Fashion News section of this month’s NYLON are Wang’s waterproof premium jeans made in collaboration with Cotton Incorporated.  We covered Wang’s foray into a realm traditionally reserved for outerwear several month’s ago, so we are patting ourselves on the back for being the first to identify an idea that’s so innovative.  Waterproof denim has been attempted before, but what makes Wang’s effort so unique is that the waterproof treatment is breathable and applied in garment form after all of the styling effects and finishes are done.  The jeans that he chose to use this treatment on are black, flare-legs with a zipper detail that when unzipped  split the jeans completely in half. How cool is that! Watch the video we posted several months ago that show Wang himself demonstrating how the treatment works on this very same pair.


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