We have met with many denim designers since the inauguration of, but there have been few with a story as interesting as that of Steve Opperman and Steve Dubbeldam of [city of others]. [city of others] is described as representing a community of youthful,
global citizens who share a love for art, music, people, culture, denim
and anyone who has dreams of making their mark on the world. In keeping
with that philosophy, for every pair of [city of others] jeans you
purchase, a part of each sale goes to the charity of your choice. The Steves began their careers as far from the fashion industry as possible with one working as a lawn mower and the other as a graphic designer, yet they had a love of denim and a keen eye for details that could not be denied.  The Steves have come a long way from their roots in tweaking vintage denim pieces and are now a bonafide premium denim brand currently featured in the September issue of InStyle magazine.  If this is any indication, expect to hear a lot about [city of others]. In the meantime, we are super-thrilled to feature the Canadian-born, but California-stamped Steves in our current installment of Five Questions for Five Pockets.

1. What was your first pair of jeans?
To be honest we can’t even remember, probably something our mom got us with that rad stretchy waistband feature

2. Who do you think is the ultimate denim icon?
James Dean on a motorbike with cuffed jeans and old leather boots is pretty inspirational for us.

3. What do you think is the next hot denim trend?
We think that jeans will keep getting cleaner and more basic with a rolled hem for men’s and for women’s a more rock n’ roll distressed jean. More slouchy silhouettes with dropped-crotches are going to be really fresh and forward. And we think that the biggest trend is brands that are committed to being socially-conscious and we’re trying to lead the way in that for denim.

4. What denim trend do you wish would go away?
It all comes and goes and we just laugh when we see trends that are horrible but I think it’s safe to say that we’re all tired of embellished jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about details and well thought out trims but I mean, let’s just let jeans be jeans.

5. What’s your number one rule for denim?
It’s gotta fit great and the company should reflect the person wearing the jeans. It’s always been our goal to make jeans that people are proud to put on and be associated with.