We were recently tipped off to one of the coolest things in denim we’ve seen in a long time.  Ever wear your favorite pair of jeans to shreds? Until recently there were only two alternatives, sew on a patch or leave it alone. If you’re like us you’ve probably shunned the patch, continued to wear them and risked exposure of all your naughty bits.  Enter Denim Therapy.  Denim Therapy is a relatively new company that provides denim restoration and repair services to your favorite jeans.  Basically, denim thread is woven into the damaged area of the jean and made to mimic the original grain, color, and feel. The end result is virtually undetectable.  Even more amazing is that it will only cost you about $7/inch! That’s a small price to pay to be able to wear your fave jeans that much longer.  In addition to their repair services, they also host a denim blog and we are really loving the DIY section.

In our most incredibly humble opinion, for premium jeans that are reaching prices upwards of $200+, we think, and we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s worth paying for a little therapy. Look for this amazing company among our Denim Lovers.