Gerard Guez, younger brother of Paul Guez the former Chairman and CEO of denim heavyweight Blue Holdings Group, opened up a new concept store in Los Angeles called Live! On Sunset located in the former Tower Records building on Sunset Strip.  Guez styles the store as an "interactive entertainment shopping experience. The only retail store in the world fully equipped to film and broadcast live in high-definition". According to The Chic Leak, Guez plans to feature fashion and lifestyle Webcasts from the store with a host who’ll be assisted by sales clerks outfitted with cameras. As a founder and shareholder of Tarrant Apparel Group, Guez will stock all of the brands he owns or has a stake in such as Seven Jeans, Antik Denim, as well as brands that are local favorites in other parts of the world. The exterior of the store leaves much to be desired, but the overall concept is innovative and fresh.

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