Denim and Art go together like, well, think of some of the best and unique matches you can think of and it fits. Anytime, the two mix it’s always interesting and noteworthy. Think last year’s Warhol Factory X Levi’s X Damien Hirst presentation in New York City and currently showing, Selfridge’s Cult of Denim exhibit in London. Now all of us art and denim enthusiasts can look forward to Notify Jean’s sponsorship of contemporary artist Ron Arad at the Pompidou Center in Paris.  Arad will be showing his first solo exhibition
at the center starting November 19th which is sure to garner great reviews.  In honor of the exhibition, Arad and Notify creative director Maurice Ohayon will be collaborating on the "Ron Arad for Notify" bag which according to Fashion Week Daily "will include futuristic features like a button that, once pressed, will
change a panel on the bag from opaque to transparent, to reveal the
bag’s contents". Expect this collaboration to continue into Spring 2009 as the two work on creating a Notify showroom in Milan that will offer custom denim and be an artist’s haven as it will offer creative space and a gallery.