G-Star Raw was a welcome addition to Tokyo Design Week (Oct. 30th – Nov. 3rd) where the Dutch denim brand showcased it’s ability to transcend fashion and impact the world of design. A pavilion made from glass, steel and sustainable wood highlighted the brand’s commitment to innovation while housing a gallery-style exhibition. The pieces on display were developed by G-Star’s design team and included items from the NY Raw Spring/Summer 2009 collection, products developed in support of the UN Millennium Campaign and the newly launched RAW PROTECTION PROGRAM.

The RAW PROTECTION PROGRAM is a highly conceptual project that "pushes the boundaries of what is possible with denim" by crafting unique pieces that explore our understanding of protective clothing. The pieces on display during Tokyo Design Week, the "Dog-Suit" and the "B-Suit", were the first two items created under this program. The "Dog-Suit" is a dog handling outfit that utilizes the rugged nature of raw denim to fashion a full body protective suit for those individuals tasked with the training of dangerous attack dogs. The "B-Suit", is a fusion of the traditional white bee keeper uniform and astronaut suits from the early space program. Functional elements of both were merged to create a futuristic bee keeper suit.

Gstar_tokyo_design_week_2 To coincide with Tokyo Design Week, G-Star also hosted Tokyo RAW Nights, curated by industrial designer Marc Newson and the 6th in it’s G-Star RAW Nights campaign. The RAW Nights invites guest curators from the fields of design, art, music and film to create a unique event for the enjoyment of a select audience. Past events have been curated by British band Duran Duran, American Actor Dennis Hopper, Japanese photographer Hiromix and fashion stylist Sukezane.

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