Whenever a company chooses to use it’s awesome powers for good it gives us great pleasure to report it.  British brand Lee Cooper "The Fine English Denim Company. Since 1908" is continuing to celebrate it’s centennial by expanding its Project 100 auction to Ebay.fr.  The auction starts today and ends on December 7th with all proceeds going to help the French chapter of the Red Cross. Some of the items up for auction are:

  • ‘Chickstomised’ overalls made by the Chicks On Speed while performing live
    at a gig in Hamburg, Germany in May 2008
  • A half stack custom made Marshall Amplifier in Lee Cooper denim
  • Men’s and women’s, limited edition ensemble made especially for Project 100 by Jean Claude Jitrois

And much more. Make sure you log on and snag one of these limited edition items and benefit two worthy causes, the Red Cross and your wardrobe.