Jeremy Scott has just introduced his second collaboration with Adidas and it does not disappoint. We have to give it to Scott. He pays attention. The throwback collection pays homage to classic hip-hop with some styles sporting an extra long tongue; perfect for those guys that like to wear skinny jeans while showing off their sneakers a'la Pete Wentz or for those guys who can't give up baggy jeans but like to tie their laces over the bottom of the leg so it doesn't cover the brand of kicks they're wearing. 

The collection will fall under the Adidas Originals brand and will be available February 1st at select boutiques and later at Adidas Original stores. The price ranges from $120-$250 a pair but we know from experience that money's no object for sneakerheads as they tend to keep classics like this shrink wrapped as collector's items, however, we're dying to see someone walking around with a pair; especially the one with the removable gold wings.

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