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We get emails all the time from people that have specific questions about denim; whether it's about a certain style or specific brand, or what's the best fit for a particular body type. We read every single one and it never ceases to amaze us how knowledgeable our readers are and how serious they are in expanding that knowledge. As we all know, denim has moved beyond workwear apparel into a full blown lifestyle that has its own, dare I say it, culture. The plethora of styles, washes and finishings available are mind-blowing and while some pairs may break the bank, the workmanship that goes into producing them justify the price. Even those few holdouts that turned their noses up at the price tag when premium jeans became the standard several years ago have become true believers, thanks to that all important characteristic that you only get in the finest pair of jeans…fit

Now that we've had a moment on our soapbox we'd like to introduce you to our new DenimHunt Facebook Group. Okay, okay so it's not that new, but we've been so busy trying to keep you updated on the latest and greatest in the industry that we haven't had time to tell you about it. We would like this group to be a forum where you can talk with other denim aficionados from around the world. As much as we like to think of ourselves as the go-to-people for the best information in denim, the best source is you guys and your word-of-mouth. Post pictures, start discussions, let your fellow denimhunters know what's going on in your neck of the woods. Look for the link on the left to join. We hope you have fun and enjoy it.