Today is the inaugural of our newest blogroll called "Blogs to Watch". Blogs to Watch is a list of the coolest blogs that are off the radar. Our goal here is not to have a list that's so long that the sites mentioned get lost in an alphabet soup of websites or to highlight sites that have all the bells and whistles but lack substance. Instead we want to bring your attention to some fabulous blogs that you may, or may not, be reading. Watch this space as we will continue to bring you those "Blogs to Watch".

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A great blog that documents a street-level search for the best in vintage denim. The author records his/her travels and search for vintage pieces, making the items shown on the blog that much more interesting. Whether in store or worn by a pedestrian, you can appreciate all that is gone through in order to give the reader detailed photographs and descriptions.


Here is a well put together site that focuses on giving its readers user-friendly trend forecasts on the future of denim design direction. The author gives a lot of information on the rationale behind the trends and the images are styled to look as if your flipping through your favorite independent magazine. If you want to stay ahead of trends, this is definitely a site to read. 

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A blog diary that chronicles the adventures in denim design of a bonafide denimhead. The author takes you step by step through successes and headaches in his attempt to get his line into the market. Fans who follow this blog are sure to root for this up and coming denim designer and feel a certain kind of loyalty when wearing a brand that they've followed in all its stages. 

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A blog strictly for sneakerheads that gives in depth information on your favorite hard to find kicks. If you don't even take your one-of-a-kind sneakers out of the shrink wrap than this site is for you. Contributors to the site give a detailed history of each item listed, from release dates to design inspirations. Even if you aren't a sneakerhead this site is still an enjoyable read. 

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For those that can't decide if they're a denimhead, a sneakerhead or both, this site is a site that caters to you. Not only does it cover denim, but the sneakers covered range from collector's items by popular sports brands to high-end offerings from your favorite luxury brands. According to the authors, "Trends may come and go, but one thing remains constant: a crisp pair of denim and a radiant pair of kicks". We couldn't have said it better. 

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