Just when we thought the day had arrived when we wouldn't have to read about another celebrity launching another fashion line. Well we thought wrong. DKNY Jeans, hot off their partnership with Rachel Bilson has now partnered with Hilary Duff to create a new capsule collection called Femme. According to Hilary, she chose the name Femme because it's "feminine but tough all at the same time. It’s aggressive, but in a good way.”

This is a grown up move for Duff, known previously for her Stuff by Hilary Duff line sold at discount retailers. The line will be sold at major retailers and consist of approximately 10-12 pieces. One of the more interesting, and frankly, smart, ideas coming out of this collection are the denim jeans with two different sized belt loops —large and small. This allows the wearer to switch up their belt options. All the pieces in the line were designed based on Duff's own fashion dilemmas. Guess she likes belts. The Femme line will be carried for two season as opposed to the one given Rachel Bilson's line. Expect to see it in stores starting this August with prices ranging from $39 – $129.