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The wait is almost over for the opening of the Diesel Planet store on New York's Fifth Avenue and if it's anything like the one in Milan it's sure to be a treat. This Tuesday (also the day of the Diesel Black Gold runway show), the new store will officially open, but in true Diesel fashion it's going to be one heck of a show.

The cover will come down to unveil store windows set up to look like an apartment by day (radiator, brick wall, fire escape) and dining room by night where dinner will be served promptly at 8p. Dining in the 'apartment' will be such fashion industry boldfacers like Ritchie Rich of Heatherette fame and the inimitable Amanda Lepore. While we watch, they will be served from the menu of Le Cirque and Cipriani's. Make sure you walk by the window before February 20th because then it's all over. Here's a chance to channel your inner voyeur and feel no shame. 


(rendering courtesy of NBC New York)