It seems Diesel is a brand that cannot be stopped. On the day of the show, a mohawked street team was stationed outside the tents at Bryant Park paying homage to the brand's logo and promoting the opening of the new Diesel Planet on Fifth Ave (for images visit the DenimHunt Facebook Group). 

Inside the Tent, anticipation grew as a mixture of jazz and hissing cats played as background 'music' behind the voices of Jack Nicholson and Humphrey Bogart from bar scenes in The Shining and Casablanca respectively. When the show started, a curtain lifted to reveal a live jazz band as the models started their strut down the runway. The collection, as a whole, had a 1930's feel that incorporated Diesel's distressed streetwear aesthetic. The denim offerings included carrot leg silhouettes in jumpers and jeans with extra details such as abraded knees, or leather detailing inspired by hosiery suspender belts.