(Curtain call image courtesy of UPI)

Returning to Broadway this week, the ground-breaking musical Hair is partnering with iconic denim brand Levi's to create authentic looks for the cast's key costumes.  The Levi's brand set the precedent for style in the free-spirited 1960's, so featuring Levi’s jeans as the predominant look worn by the cast of Hair is an authentic and natural fit.  In order to channel the eccentric bohemian style of the 1960’s, costume designer Michael McDonald looked to Levi’s® extensive Archive of vintage denim.  Based on his research, McDonald chose to work with products deeply rooted in Levi's® heritage. In addition to working closely with Hair costume designer Michael McDonald, the Levi's brand is celebrating Hair’s triumphant return to Broadway by sponsoring the show.

 Att10278"The Levi's® brand is excited to be a part of the highly anticipated Broadway revival of Hair Our brand’s impact on the style and times of the late 1960’s was a profound one, so the Levi’s® jeans and Hair relationship truly is an authentic, perfect fit,” says Robert Hanson, President of Levi Strauss Americas.  “What’s even more interesting is that the Levi’s® jeans featured in Hair, much like the themes explored in the show, are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago.”