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With the advent of the skinny jean trend several years ago, it has been very difficult for women that are curvy to find the perfect pair. And by curvy I mean women of all sizes, from 4 to 16, that have an hourglass figure. Enter PZI Jeans

PZI Jeans was founded in 2002 by Atlanta Attorney's Daniel and Claire Jason and was recently tapped by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in America. Their recently launched Skinny Jeans collection is made specifically for women with curves and comes in ten different styles. PZI Jeans accomplished this spectacular fit by adding more fabric in the hips and rear and tapering the waist.  

"We finally had a Skinny Jean that really fits the not so skinny curvy woman! We were very surprised at our customers’ reaction and cannot begin to tell you how fast our PZI Skinny Jean flew off our store’s shelves!” explains Vice-President and Co-founder Claire Jason.


PZI Jeans retails upwards of $70 and are available at select Macy's and over 600 retail stores in the US and overseas. 


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