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With many American families closely watching their household budgets, a new wardrobe each season is no longer a given. According to the Lifestyle Monitor survey, 64% of respondents noted that they have less this year to spend on clothing than last. In order to help your family save on clothing expenses, Cotton Incorporated has put together a series of informative web videos that help consumers get the most out of the fabric.

In the latest webisode, product expert Norma Keyes shares her insight on denim, discussing how the versatile fabric has long been a standard of one’s wardrobe. Norma not only focuses on the affordability of denim, but how denim remains a wardrobe staple. From comfort to style, Norma traces why denim is popular and relevant year in and year out.

Finally, Norma gives a sneak peek at the future of denim – a water repellant technology  that is perfect for recent rainy days. Alexander Wang actually used this technology, called STORM Denim (TM), to great success.

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