Picture 6

We are all over ourselves about this new shopping website. It's called Looklet.com and it is every single slang word you've ever used to describe something cool. The idea is pretty simple. You start off with a model in her skivvies and go through a virtual rack of clothes to dress her with; essentially becoming an online stylist. The choices seem limitless from shoes, tops, pants and accessories that can be sorted from brand down to material. You can keep your looks simple or go bananas with layering. Every item is available for purchase and if you still need to think about it, you can save each of your looks. There don't seem to be many limitations. This idea has been attempted before but never has been as good or as much fun. 

Take a look at our attempt. Our model is wearing;
Jeans by H&M
Tank Top by Ann-Sophie Back
Black Top by Vintage
Shoes by Wedins
Belt by Coast

Picture 5