Hope your getting your Fashion’s Night Out Plans together. In case you are living under a rock, on a planet not called Earth, in a galaxy far, far away, Fashion’s Night Out is being held September 10th and is a global celebration of fashion designed to restore consumer confidence in retail and just get people excited about fashion again. The global event is spearheaded by Vogue and is gearing up to be one giant party with retailers and boutiques holding a variety of activities all over the city. Meet Anna Wintour at Macy’s in Queens, take salsa lessons with Juan Carlos Obando while mingling with top designers and celebs at Barneys or have fun, food and beverages at Levi’s. There’s sure to be plenty of fun and plenty of swag, a rare opportunity if you don’t attend Fashion Week. So shop your hearts out and when you feel like you’re overdoing it just remember, its not only for you its for the economy. 😉