Wrangler, the quintessential American outdoor brand, has created a body of short films centered around its award-winning WE ARE ANIMALS campaign. The STOP THINKING short was launched on September 15th and explores the concept of acting on instinct and "is a siren call to our spontaneous selves". The film illustrates the questions; Could a base-jumper jump if he considers the distance he will fall?
Could a fireman throw himself into the flames if he reflects upon his chances of survival?
Could a boxer fight if he thinks about the risk to life and limb?  

"STOP THINKING urges us to cut through fear and negativity and just go for it. That is the spirit of Wrangler…trusting your instincts to help you achieve the wonderful, the thrilling, the remarkable," says Adam Kakembo, Marketing Director, Wrangler Europe.

This new concept is a far cry from the horse-wrangling cowboy we used to associate with the brand. The film was created by Fred & Farid Paris and is part of series which includes, the serene and intriguing humans, the emotional reminders of our beginnings in baby and the challenging, life-enhancing Why. Watch them on YouTube or at www.wrangler-europe.com.