Legend has it that Grayson Ozias IV was a friend of Levi Strauss’ nephew Nathan and explored America in the 1890s. In 1896 he disappeared into the American wilderness, after hiding his fortune in the hope of spurring others to Go Forth and seek adventure. Levi’s archivists were able to recover wax recordings Grayson made, detailing his travels and hinting at the final hiding place of his fortune…and they want you to find it.

Visit and join the nationwide treasure hunt by listening to the recordings and guessing Grayson’s location. Decipher all of the clues successfully and Grayson’s fortune, which translates to $100,000 in today’s currency, is yours. Yes, Yours! How exciting. Having trouble with clues, don’t fret, just follow the search on Twitter

Good Luck and Go Forth!