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If you haven't heard of IndiDenim yet, you will, because they could quite possibly change the very way we purchase jeans. Anyone that shops for jeans knows that all of the fancy treatments, finishes and imported denim mean nothing without a good fit and according to Director of Marketing, Abigail Holtz, a whopping 79% of consumers can't find that perfect fit. That is until IndiDenim.

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The Bay Area company was established in June 2008 and specializes in producing custom jeans using consumers own input. The process starts with their website where potential buyers are first asked to choose a specific silhouette like slim fit for women or classic fit for men. Next they are asked to choose from a thorough list of features such as leg style, finishing, rise, hemline, back pocket details and more. Then they are asked detailed questions regarding their body type which range from the expected, like inseam, thigh shape and waist size to the unexpected, like back measurement and bra size. While consumers enter their spe
cifications a virtual model morphs according to their input allowing product visualization. 

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The specs then go through proprietary fit algorithms that predict body measurements based on the questions. The custom pattern is then e-filed to the manufacturer who then creates the jeans using the highest quality fabrics and innovative treatments. 

There are other premium brands that offer customization services, but none quite like IndiDenim. Where most denim brands offering customization require several visits and charge prices that make it accessible to only a few diehards, IndiDenim's patented fit technology has streamlined the process making customization affordable and accessible for all. As a result, their jeans retail for $145 to $200 dependent on fabric and finishing, whereas with other companies, the price can run upwards of $500 or more. 

The young company has already implemented plans for expansion using this technology and offers a line of dress shirts under the label IndiTailored. According to Holtz, mass-customization is the future of apparel and IndiDenim wants to lead the way by eventually moving into a variety of apparel categories.

Visit their website to learn more and be sure to read their new denim blog for style tips and advice. 

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