(Divine Rights of Denim retails for $80 at Macys)

The holiday season is slowly coming to a end, but since when do you need an excuse to shop. If you're anything like us, gift shopping consists of the "one for you, one for me" variety, with the "one for me" part lasting all year round. Of course, without question we're going to say the best gift idea is a great pair of jeans. After all, this is DenimHunt

Here's a little secret. When others ask us what we want, we usually push the limits and ask for the most expensive pair we think we can get someone to open their wallet for. However, when we are buying for ourselves, we tend to be a little bit more economical. Shhh!

With that said, as much as we love those uber-pricey jeans, big shout out to those that keep it recession-friendly (and those that go on sale after the holidays). Definitely looking forward to the New Year and a several new pairs of jeans.