One thing I love about denim, but don't talk about as much as I would like, are the uses of the fabric outside of a classic five-pocket jean. I know, I know. It's not like denim jackets, dresses and shirts haven't been done before, but in my opinion, never has it been done so well. In the past, these items were passing fads and were usually stiff and unflattering. Remember those hard, acid-washed skirts?blech! Now, as with today's jeans, they are comfortable and sophisticated. 

Denim dresses from Level 99 are a perfect example of this. These dresses are great for Spring and will transition nicely into Fall with a cropped jacket and boots, giving them plenty of staying power in my opinion. As with many items from Level 99, they retail for under $100. 

Never, will you tear me away from my jeans, but here's to looking forward to more viable non-jean options. Of course, as soon as I hear about it, the sooner you will too. 



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