If you read DenimHunt regularly, than you know I have a thing for denim-on-denim and other uses for the fabric outside of the traditional five-pocket jean. I love seeing denim in high-end dresses such as the denim bandage body-cons that went down the runway at Herve Leger last season or in the tailored shirts and suits of Naked and Famous. I love it even more when popular fashion magazines cover this topic because it's always nice to see their editorial take on it. 

ELLE Magazine has just come out with a new Denim Report that focuses solely on the denim skirt. Specifically, a short, casual, buttoned up version for Spring/Summer. In the report Market Editor, Jade Frampton gives us ideas on how to wear this style and what kind of accessories work best with it. Click here to read the report and click through the various items to find where to purchase them.