If you read DenimHunt regularly, than you already know that I am a fan of uses of denim outside of the typical denim pant/jeans. Jeans have proven to be one of the most timeless items in fashion since their birth as workwear, and it's pretty safe to say, we will still be wearing them when we colonize the moon.  As much as I love this about jeans, this is why I always find it refreshing to talk about denim that's not in the form of your typical five-pockets, but has filtered into other apparel categories such as dresses, shirts and jackets. I know, I know..been there, done that, but it'd be nice to see these categories grow beyond fad status and evolve, instead of constantly going in and out of style. 


One of the brand's that has turned the non-jean into a near science is Charley 5.0. Charley 5.0's Fall collection sticks to lightweight denim, much of it with stretch, which gives them the versatility to create the myriad of dresses, jumpers and tunics that are scattered throughout the collection. They still have jeans in the form of leggings and trousers, but they don't make up the bulk of it. DSC02242

Perusing the racks I was aware of several different themes. There were standout embellishments such as chain link epaulettes on the shoulders of jackets and chains draping out of the pockets of jeans. A denim bustier was adorned with a cluster of large jewels centered on the torso and a denim shift had studding around the waist. Cleaner looks were in the form of dark indigo trousers and dresses. A structured military style jacket had clean lines and was made of stiff denim. 

My favorite looks were the denim jumper with the satin scarf suspenders as well as the drapy tunic with the denim belt that tied loosely around the waist. Skirts and shorts were scattered throughout and also contained a large amount of stretch. You can still find jeans in the collection, but they were anything but typical with over the top allover prints and other forms of embellishments.

Charley 5.0 has been leading the way in non-jean denim apparel since their inception with no sign of changing. Maybe thanks to them these 'fads' will become lasting 'trends.