Flash…Flash…Flash. Imagine one of those old-fashioned lighted
signs, the kind that existed before the days of neon, where every time
the sign blinked with its message, you would hear the buzz and crackle
of electricity. That was the image that came to mind upon viewing
Rock & Republic's Fall 2010 collection. In less imaginative terms,
Rock & Republic's Fall collection could be defined as a study in detail and finishes. There were more traditional items that some would find more wearable, but they were overshadowed by glam. It's
almost as if the design team, decided to experiment and release every
glitzy finish and treatment they could come up with and sprinkle it throughout the entire line of apparel, shoes and handbags. Some were hits, some were misses, but they all made a bold


There are two lines under the Rock &
Republic brand, the first is their namesake line that we all know and love and the other
is their recently launched collection for younger customers called Rock
is King
. In the former, there were lots of metallic finishes, something I had yet to see from other brands this Fall. It's a throwback to the metallic jeans I used to wear in college in the 90's, but updated for the millennium with treatments such as an allover silver finish on paneled jeans and a gold crocodile print on similarly colored jeans. A durable stretch knit used in the ponte pant had a subdued sparkle and less than subtle metallic brush strokes could be seen on various items.

Many of the treatments could be seen as novelty were it not for the sheer number of them, such as the chocolate tie-dye, various takes on marblized and acid washes, bleached out effects and "dirty" denim. Coated items were taken to another level such as the coated jeans with the studded pockets or the bandage mini-skirt, and were almost indistinguishable from leather. Brightly colored brush strokes could be seen in reds and blues and when applied over bleached out effects were like painter's pants. A pair of denim leggings with sheer paneling at the thighs was given it's treatment after the paneling was added, making it almost invisible until it is revealed by the wearer's own skin. This particular pant was my favorite item from everything I'd seen, from every brand thus far. 

DSC02293Rock is King is the newly launched line for younger consumers who want high-end, trendy denim, but at a lower price. Where Rock & Republic's main collection is steering away from the back pocket detail, though they do experiment with the signature 'R' on some items, Rock is King has a prominent embroidered lightning bolt on the back pocket of every jean. A carrot leg silhouette, not seen in the main collection, and the ubiquitous moto jean is sure to appeal to their target market. There are more destructed details in Rock is King and overall the line has a lot less glitz giving it its own aesthetic apart from the namesake collection. 

DSC02301Last, but not least, there are a whole range of accessories for both men and women that have Rock & Republic's signature style. Women's shoes and handbags were glammed up with studding, spikes and other metallic details. Men's sneakers sticked to a black and white color scheme, but also had studding on the back.










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