Le Tigre is unveiling a new billboard today on Manhattan's West Side Highway and 57th Street and it's a doozy. If you've been following the whole Tiger Woods soap opera than you know that he's officially returned to golf —teeing off at The Masters yesterday. To commemorate this auspicious event (kidding), Le Tigre's new billboard will feature a red golf polo, with 100% of the online sales going to organizations that help young people "get on course and stay the course."

…But it's really not about the shirt. The billboard's tagline reads "Golf's Original Tiger. For Those Who Play A Round." Opportunistic? Yes. Crass? Yes. Entertaining? I'm laughing under my breath.

If you still think this is all about charity than you can purchase the polo online at LetigreUSA.com. It's available for men and women and retails for $32. The promotion runs through April.