The showroom of MiH Jeans was the last one I visited for the Fall 2010 previews, though the madness has yet to end. The Soho space, used to represent the brand couldn't have been better chosen. Intentional or not, the light, airy space, with just the right amount of sun filtering through the windows, evoked the feelings of nostalgia that come with the brand.

DSC02312MiH jeans dates back to the '60's where it was co-founded by Tony Lonsdale, the father of current owner Chloe Lonsdale, and had a following among fashion's elite such as Jane Birkin and Farrah Fawcett. Many of the brand's current styles are inspired by the archives that made it famous, but don't expect a ton of throwbacks. Many of the styles are updates and have design details that are modern, but subtle enough as to not take away from the overall feel of the brand.

MiH separates its line into two collections, the replenishables and Heritage. Replenishables is the unofficial name for those styles that are carried over each season. The washes are always clean and the treatments minimal. They include 'The Vienna' a five-pocket, lightweight, super-skinny jean, 'The London' a subtle bootcut and the bestselling 'Marrakesh' a high rise kick-flare that kicks from the knee. A cropped skinny, 'The Paris' comes in a classic version and a 'fashion' version with subdued seams that go down the back leg. The Heritage collection has more distressed denim, yet is still relatively tame compared to what other brands are doing. So while your ripped and torn to shreds jeans will last a season or two, these will probably have more staying power in your wardrobe rotation. Here you'll find items like the straight-leg "Roadtrip" and the "The London Boy" boyfriend jean. Modern-day obsessions are added to the collection as well like the selvedge coin pockets, which are even included on a pencil skirt. Velvet skinny jeans and two toned
skinnies with a black back and gray front are examples that the brand
knows how to dazzle when it wants to.

MiH also has a solid range of tops that evoke that same  sense of wistfulness and nostalgia as the bottoms and are a welcome addition to the collection. There are several styles. My favorite of them was 'The Circle Shirt', which is an extra roomy chambray tunic (above). There are also safari shirts with cargo breast pockets, classic denim button downs, pull-on shirts as well as lightweight tees and tanks. Long, full, chambray scarves were a surprising inclusion and were made with selvedge edges, a design detail that I found incredibly appealing.

Overall, there is an unexpected amount of versatility in the collection and a woman can turn herself into a chameleon by channeling the brand's heyday, going casual, or adopting a polished look.


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