(image courtesy of ConsumerReports.com)

I'm not an avid reader of Consumer Reports, but I know many people, and most companies, swear by their research and I'm of the mind that they do perform a service for the public.

For the June 2010 issue the prestigious mag analyzes the rise of premium denim. The question is, is it all hype or are the high price tags justified. I love the opening line "Marketers might deserve a special place in hell for turning blue jeans into a luxury item". Tell us how you really feel. 

The Consumer Reports textile expert rated seven pairs of jeans ranging from $20 to $240 based on sewing, fabric flaws, laundering and overall construction. I'm scratching my head a little at the fact that they left out fit. After all that is one of the biggest draws when it comes to the average consumer's denim purchase. I also think said expert may have missed the whole point of distressing. Click here to read the report yourself and you decide if they're worth the price.

June 2010 
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