Diesel 5th Ave Ball Pit

Whatever lunch plans you had today, like eating, change them. Now! Get Him to the Greek stars Russell Brand and Jonah Hill will be interviewed in the giant window of the Diesel Planet on 5th Avenue today at 1:30p. Hosted by Diesel:U:Music and Universal Studios, the interviews will be conducted by E! reporter Ben Lyons. Fans can listen in on the interview, hear music from the film, get limited-edition t-shirts and win passes to a screening of the movie.

Immediately after the interviews models will reinstall the ball pit window with bags full of "Be Stupid" balls. A classic guess-how-many-balls-are-in-the-fishbowl contest will be held Diesel-style with the person guessing the number closest to the amount of balls in the window winning a $1000 shopping spree and a pair of tickets to a screening of Get Him to the Greek.

Think that's it. Nope. There's more. Starting May 20th, Get Him to the Greek screening passes, soundtrack samplers and D:U:M t-shirts will be available at Diesel stores in New York City, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Philadelphia, Seattle, D.C., Austin.

Get Him to the Greek opens June 4th.