Miraclesuit, the company best known for making bathing suits that hide the pounds, has moved into the denim business with a line called Miraclebody. Their brand promise is to "Look 10lbs lighter in 10 seconds" and they are transferring that promise to their jeans. According to Jay Feigenbaum, President Miraclesuit swimwear and Miraclebody Jeans, swimwear and jeans have a lot in common because both garments are "universal expressions of self-esteem and consumer research shows that proper fit and shaping
are of utmost importance to the purchase process and satisfaction for both
these categories". Can't argue with that, though I think your self-esteem takes a bigger hit in a swimsuit than it does in jeans. 

The jeans are constructed using a patented fabric called Miratex which contains two times the amount of stretch as most denim. There is also a patent-pending tummy control panel as well as other design features meant to live up to the brand's promise. The jeans come in sizes 2-18 with plans to provide sizes 18w-22w. 

My verdict; if Victoria's Secret can do it… *shrug*.