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Okay. Seriously. You have to agree. The kid in this photo is just too damn cute…or too damn cool…or maybe both. If I was 7 years old, I would date him. Part of it might be his own innate swagger (wow, can it really start that young), but the other part without a doubt are the jeans.

He's modeling a new children's denim brand from Sweden called I Dig Denim. The brand is new on the scene and was founded by Hanna Clavegård who felt that the market lacked an exciting denim brand for kids. She believes that children are distinct individuals and should wear what reflects their personality. If that's the case than the model must be the coolest kid in school.

The brand, produced according to Fairtrade regulations, comes in four models in sizes 6-9 months to 9-10 years with plans to expand. So far it's off to good start after showing at this year's Copenhagen Fashion Fair and is now being sold in six countries.

For more information, you can visit their website at, however, if you don't speak Swedish all you can do is look at the pictures. Not to fret though, click on the link that says Kollektioner. It's definitely worth a peek.

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