Affliction is normally a line that I associate with Ed Hardy, guido-types, which is not really my cup of tea, but you can't ignore the fact that they do have a strong following and there are those that dress head to toe in the brand's signature sportswear and jeans.

Having said that, however, it seems the brand wants to attract a more mainstream clientele and has introduced a line called Affliction Black Premium to do it. The styles have been inspired by the latest Hollywood trends, such as bleached-out effects for women and wax-coated finishes for men. 

I can't say they hit the nail directly on the head. There is still something that looks not quite premium about them, but I'm only going by the way they look on the models. Despite that, the jeans retail for more than their namesake line, with prices upwards of $200. Anyway, look at them and judge for yourselves.