KATY PERRY in Custom Mintha_Final 1200x1500(2)

I love the candyland-style Hollywood in Katy Perry's new video for California Gurls. It's so atypical for what you'd expect with a song like that, but it's so her. This song is destined to become a Summer anthem. I know this because my iPod is burning up with it.

In one scene she's doing a short dance routine with her candygirl background dancers in a cupcake bra and bedazzled daisy dukes. It doesn't matter who you are, your attention was probably focused solely on the giant cupcakes the first few times you saw the video. However, if you travel down you'll see the sparkle that is her custom-made Diesel "Mintha 8B3" denim shorts. The shorts were covered with over 7,000 two-toned jewels with the help of her personal stylist, designer Johnny Wujek. I love how they outline all the details, like seams, pockets and of course the Diesel logo.

Unfortunately if you want Katy's shorts you'd have to bedazzle them yourself, but you can start by purchasing them at Diesel's online store. The shorts retail for $160.

If you haven't seen it, click here to watch California Gurls. It's awesome.