SV18 blast

I used to date a really tall guy once and I hated, absolutely loathed, his choice of jeans. I let him know about it too. As you can probably guess we're no long together. It probably wasn't his fault. Most premium jeans for men don't have inseams long enough for guys over 6'1".

Thanks to Rock & Republic and shooting guard Sasha "The Machine" Vujecic, of the 2010 NBA champs The Lakers, they now have a go-to brand. Sasha recently doubled as a fit model for Rock & Republic and the result was the SV18. The SV18 boasts a lengthy 38 inch inseam and extra room in the leg for NBA-sized men. Now tall guys can buy their jeans somewhere other than the Big & Tall store.

The jeans are available in two washes. The "Restraint" wash which retails for $175 and the "Perplexed" wash which retails for $198. You can find them at Nordstroms, Saks and shortly on


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