A few days ago I wrote an open letter to Wrangler expressing concern that as a US customer we weren't getting all of the cool treatment that the European market was getting and Alessandro Vigano, Creative Director Wrangler Europe was kind enough to respond in the comments section (see Open
Letter to Wrangler

I'm actually the Creative Director of Wrangler Europe and first of all I
would just thank you [for being] one of the denim lovers who makes our
"world" better, with your Blog. Concerning your thought I just want to assure you that is exactly our
goal and target try to make Wrangler all over the World, including
(above all) United States, only one Wrangler, that doesn't means we
would see any Cowboy wearing red denims. [You] are more than Welcome whenever you would, join us @ Bread &
Butter maybe, where we can show and explain properly our strategy and show you our line and surely convince you about our
hanks once again, really, we appreciate any comments, could be against
or just an opinion, that makes our job just a better job.

To Alessandro, I say, if your ads are any indication, I am excited about your new strategy and am soooo looking forward to the newer, hipper version of Wrangler in the US.