(Jessica Biel in MiH Jeans)

MiH Jeans has partnered with J Crew to become part of J Crew's "In Good Company" selection of outside brands. "In Good Company" is an assemblage of tried and true quality brands that J Crew describes as being design heroes and legends in the making.

Creative Director Jenna Lyons and MiH Jeans founder/designer Chloe Lonsdale agreed instantly that both of their brands share the same values – authentic heritage, quality and design, with Lyons explaining about their first meeting that "Chloe came in wearing her MiH Jeans and we were in love. I was instantly hooked. They're the kind of jeans you'll wear forever."

With their feminine working of selvage denim, their use of Italian fabrics and production in a family-run factory in Southern Italy, it's not hard to see why J Crew considers MiH Jeans one of their legends in the making.

You can find MiH Jeans as well as other J Crew In Good Company partners at www.jcrew.com.